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Most people spend a lot of time at work. If you work full time, that is 5 days out of 7.

If you don’t like your work, then arguably you are not enjoying your life.

If you are miserable at work then (sadly) you are likely to be miserable.

At Toner Legal, we help clients solve their problems at work. Our experience enables us to put clients at ease, treat them with respect, and listen.

We are a group of Specialist (and experienced) Employment Lawyers that work with individuals to solve their problems at work. We strive to improve our client’s position (and not to just give advice). We get our clients to enjoy their lives again.

Our main aim is to help clients leave workplaces they hate with enough compensation so they can have the freedom and financial security to get a job they love. Many achieve this quickly, meaning they are better off financially and no longer hate 5 days out of 7.

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The Firm was founded by Blair Toner, Barrister, who is an expert in employment law and employment tribunal litigation. Our lawyers are all genuine specialists in employment law armed with the tools to give you a great and professional service.

After working with us, you will know your rights and where you stand. You will be able to avoid this happening to you again in the future

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