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Constructive Dismissal

Constructive Unfair Dismissal arises where the employee terminates their employment contract in circumstances in which they are entitled to terminate it without notice by reason of the employer's conduct.

Remedies in Discrimination Claims & Average Awards

This is a short post about what you can expect to claim in a discrimination claim.

Eligibility to Claim Unfair Dismissal and Time Limits

The ability to bring a claim in the employment tribunal is not always straightforward. Here are some key considerations.

ACAS Early Conciliation Time Limit Example

The time limit to present claims in the Employment Tribunal are short. Set out within is an explanation with examples.

Tips on Setting Out Your Claim

When you bring a claim on the ET1 you will need to set out the basis of your claim. You can either do this on the specific section of the ET1 or in a separate document.

Things to Consider Before Making a Claim in the Employment Tribunal

It is not our aim to put people off bringing a claim or considering doing so, but these points should be considered, and done so quickly.

Early ACAS Conciliation

Discover Early ACAS Conciliation (EAC) Overview by Blair Toner. Find out what the key steps of EAC are.

Initial Considerations

Initial considerations if you have an employment law issue and are seeking advice. This article can help you save a lot of time and anguish.

How to Address Concerns at Work

What approach you take will vary depending on the kind of problem, the type/size of business you work in, and also what you are trying to achieve.

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