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Dismissed from work with less than 2-years of service

You may have heard about the “2-year rule,” but do not fully understand what it means. Find out more.

Settlement Agreements - Typical Payments

When receiving a settlement agreement, you might be angry and upset, which may then be replaced with confusion. This can be a difficult time as losing your job is never easy.

The Grievance Outcome And Appeal

After attending a grievance hearing, you are likely to receive a written grievance outcome. The timing and content of the grievance outcome can have significant implications on your employment.

The Grievance Hearing

After raising a grievance, there is likely to be a grievance hearing, which may also be referred to as a grievance meeting. This is a formal meeting to discuss your grievance with your employer and may form the basis of your employer’s decision.

How to Write a Grievance

Raising a formal grievance at work usually means you are in a difficult situation. Before you write the grievance, you should have first tried to resolve the issues informally.

Grievances - An Introduction

Having issues at work is stressful and raising a grievance can be a major and daunting step.

How To Negotiate a Settlement Agreement

Receiving a settlement agreement from your employer can be stressful and usually means you may soon be unemployed.

The Duty to Mitigate Your Losses

It is a key principle that any Claimant will be expected to mitigate any losses suffered. Find out how this can be done.

Attending Formal Meetings at Work

Being invited to a formal meeting at work can be daunting. We give advice on how to approach this situation and avoid common mistakes.

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